Gastric balloon

Gastric balloon is the best method used for treatment of obesity without surgery and without medicines.

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Laser Hair Removal »

Laser used for the removal of excess hair of the body. Laser is an easy and effective way for removal of undesired hair from any area of the body. The number

Botox »

Botox is a successful and effective treatment for getting rid of face wrinkles especially for women who are keen on maintaining their good look and appeara

Fractional Laser »

Fractional laser restores to the woman her beauty with no effort. It is a new hope for treatment of acne scars. Fractional laser is a specific leap in cosmetic

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Weight Reduction By Ultrasonic Waves Without Surgery

Ultrasonic waves help in getting rid of fat accumulations without surgery.  The best device for permanently getting rid of fat accumulations in any part of the body makes use of ultrasonic waves. The device acts by vibrations that help lysis of fat cells and break them down. The ultrasonic device leads to decrease weight from 3 cm to 5 cm in

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Weight Reduction By Fat Mass Injection (Mesotherapy)

Mesotherapy is used for regional weight reduction.  Mesotherapy is a non surgical method that uses small fine needles for treatment of the target areas and the excess fat. Cellulite lysis: The cellulite affects many women due to poor blood circulation and accumulation of fats. Injection helps in improving the cellulite obviously, but it req

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Dark Spots Lightening (Mesotherapy)

The best technique is used for skin treatment and removal of dark spots.  Get rid of the dark spots of the face by using special mesotherapy injections for lightening the dark spots. This is done through sessions prescribed by the doctor.  

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Crystal Peeling

Crystal peeling is a procedure of peeling and surface smoothening of the skin using crystalline powder, during which the dead cells of the skin are removed leading to a new appearance of the skin with a soft texture and youthful face.   Cases in which crystal peeling is used:    Exhausted skin Freckles Removal of acne Hype

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Welcome to El-Haramain.

Address 1 :  22 Mahmoud Samy El Baroudi st., Hassanein Heikal, branched from Abbas El Akkad, Nasr city, Cairo, Egypt.
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El-Haramain was established in 1990 by Dr. Amgad El Asra, the head and owner of El-Haramain Plastic Surgery Center. El-Haramain serves the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery needs of thousands of patients each year from around the world at our facilities in Cairo.


When it comes to serving the healthcare plastic surgery sector, El-Haramain is dedicated to continuously providing patients with the latest techniques worldwide..

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Today's woman wants to look great – young, healthy, vibrant – at every age of her life. She has an enthusiasm for finding and flaunting the right look, for keeping her beauty looking terrific, and for making sure her style is up to date.

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Our modern facilities are fully equipped to support state-of-the-art surgical techniques and surgical care.

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